By, Thales

I am a broken man or, perhaps more accurately, a man who is trying to discover himself in a world that is hostile to masculinity. Mike Cernovich writes on his blog, Danger & Play, that masculinity has been rendered down to cartoonish bufoonery:

There are permissible safe masculine spaces in the West. There are some outlets for men. There was even a television program called “The Man Show,” which celebrated cartoon masculinity – what I call Bacon & BOOBIES! masculinity.

Put two girls on a trampoline jumping and men act as if they have never seen a set of tits. Become grossly overweight while using a propane grill because eating like a fat slob (so long as it’s bacon!) is manly.

For as long as I’ve been alive, this has been it for men. You can watch sports on TV and get fat eating barbeque. But pretty much anything else is considered a violation of the rules of Social Justice.

When I bought a Mustang with the 5.0L Coyote V8 motor in it, there were many accusations of doing this because I was having a “mid life crisis” or because I was “compensating for something.” Going down to the dragstrip and racing muscle cars used to be a popular outlet for young men. Today it’s considered with barely-restrained hostility.

God forbid that a man likes fast cars.

But it goes far beyond that. Self-defense is demonized, guns are disparaged as the root of evil. Men are decried as potential rapists and even talking to a woman is considered a potential violation of the rules of masculinity. Feminism used to attack masculinity through the weasel word “patriarchy,” but in recent days it has begun a much more direct assault:

” Patriarchy “

A system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descendants are traced through the male line:

So why do I say that I am broken? I was raised in a climate hostile to masculinity. I remember in school being taught that fighting back against a bully was somehow empowering him. Submitting to the bully, and being concerned about his self-esteem, was considered the right thing to do. This made school a living hell for me, and it took many years before I finally stood up for myself.

I was told that my instinct to fight was wrong. Indeed, it was considered evil, more evil than the actions of the bully who was probably just having problems at home with, you guessed it, an overly-masculine family member.

There was a teacher who told me once that I was going to be wealthy, respected, and successful because I was being submissive. Like a moron, I believed them.

Fortunately, reality is a great teacher, and I achieved a modicum of success by, eventually, doing the exact opposite of what I had been taught to do. But even now I know there are gaps in my knowledge and understanding of the world. Traditional masculinity died before I was born, and those of us who seek to resurrect it have only an image of what it once was. Just words on paper, photographs from a different time and the vague sense that the generations prior to the Baby Boomers were, somehow, greater and better than us.

We call the generation that fought in World War II the “Greatest Generation.” But they do not describe themselves this way. In the world in which they were raised, doing your masculine duty was expected. It was normal. It wasn’t great, per se, so much as it was the bare minimum. A minimum, I might add, that very few of us live up to.

Instead we build man caves, because we effectively cede the rest of our lives to the feminine. We talk about boobs as if nobody has ever seen a pair of these magical bags of fat. We admire women from a distance, but fear even talking to them. When somebody calls us mean names, our first instinct is to prove that we really are just as dedicated to the happiness of women and other people as those accusing us purport.

In the meantime, we do not defend ourselves against the negative masculinity, thuggery, crime, terrorism. Our society makes excuses for these people. They are poor, they say, or wronged by some kind of historical injustice. Climate change made them act out, perhaps, or the poor Syrian job market made them immigrate to France and shoot people.

Negative masculinity is excused, pansy-ass feminine men are held up as role models, and positive masculinity is hated.

When the San Bernardino shooting happened, when the Paris shootings happened, the first instinct of modern feminine men was to decry violence, to heap hate upon guns, and to excuse the actions of the supposedly oppressed. One individual claimed that concealed weapon carriers could not possibly have prevented such slaughter.

Why? Because they subscribe to the same brain-dead ideology as the teachers in my childhood schools did: fighting back is evil. You are supposed to submit and accept your bullet to the brain. Fighting for your life is wrong. Submission is good. Being nice is elevated above being good and just.

I’m not a good man. I have a long way to go before I achieve my own goals of positive masculinity, of being strong, courageous, honorable, honest, and just. It may be that I never become the man I wish to be, but I will try. And, more importantly, I will instruct my son likewise. Repairing the damage to Western Civilization wrought by anti-male Feminism will probably take generations, but we must start today.

Our lives, and those of our children may very well depend on it.

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